Lakeside Colours

I have been thinking about this print a long time, and it has evolved quite a bit, the blue winged teal, which this image is based on, was a lot bigger and I reduced it in size, after printing the second colour and working on the third it looked dumb. So I had to cut half the block remove the part that looked wrong and glue on another part and recut it. even then I struggled. So I just simplified the shape and tried that. It seemed to have worked. I just have to let the image sit for a while. The ink looks speckled because of the amount of extender that I used, which was about 80% to colour tint. I was lucky it works well. The Teal, I brushed the ink to make it look more solid and blotted the landmass with newsprint to make it lighter and softer.

Linoprint 6*6IMG_6976



One of the things that you need as an artist is persistence, I have done a stack of different designs and when I trace them onto the Lino block, sometimes they just don’t quite make the grade. I have been watching a lot of Robert Bateman videos, and it was good to hear that he also gets frustrated with his designs and starts another painting, he must have at least 10 painting that he is working on at one time.

On the right is the original sketch, on the left is the final image ready to be inked up and cut. IMG_6079

Another Artist I have found recently is  Alexandra Buckle, she has these bright colourful Lino prints which has inspired me to try other ways of printing.


A little creative hiatus

Printing with Lino has been great, it’s allowed me to learn a new skill and use colours I wouldn’t have used before, the down side is that it can be slow, the upside is that it is slow.  So I had to have a creative explosion to help me get over the slowness, I got the paint out, created some landscapes just to get the wiggles out.

I have started drawing again I have a couple of ideas bubbling away and I hope to have some more landscape Lino prints soon.


Trumpeter Swan

Whilst driving around the wilds of Calgary during a snowstorm I saw flocks of Geese, Ducks and Trumpeter Swans hunkering down through the high winds and I remembered a print I wanted to create.

A Japanese printmaker called Ichijô Narumi (1877~1910). created a print of a lady bathing with her back to the viewer. I really liked the simplicity of the 2 colour design.     I thought of replacing the lady with either a swan, heron or even a few Pelicans.

Now I have to wait and save up for some ink.  I still need to tweak the design with the ribbons of reflected light and maybe the angle of the swan. I will let the idea stew for a few more days and I have to fix my press.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.52.16 PM

Winter Nocturne

William Hayes a Printmaker from the States created an image of a seascape with these interesting colours and I really liked the idea and thought I would give it a go. I wanted to get back to landscape after producing so many bird images.

I did have a little trouble with this image. The registration board that the lino was glued to, separated and my registration was all out of whack, which isn’t good at all. But after some persevering I managed to get the lino glued into the right place. The contact glue which I used also had a little trouble, as when it started to cure it released gas and created these bubbles under the softer spots of the Lino. So I cut out those spots and it was fine. I dont get frustrated as much now with printing,  I just walk away, get a drink, grab a sandwich and chill for about ten mins then go back and fix the problem.

Image 8*10 paper size 11*15.


Finished the Snow Scene.

A little scene from Fishcreek park. I wanted to try different snow pattern and to recreate the morning light across the snow and trees.

I did a colour drawing to get my values and colour but when it came to the last colour which I had planned to print, after printing a few times I had to check it with my best friend to see what was going on, it just didn’t look right,  so we decided to leave it as it was.  so out of 20 start off prints I end up with seven good ones. Oh well better luck next time.

It seems as though it looks a little grayer than it should on this photograph.

Winter Sunrise 6*8 actual image, paper size 11*14


Snow Scenes

Its been a year since I started my journey on printmaking I have learned quite a bit and I hope to learn a whole lot more.

Lots of snow this year and great opportunities to create interesting snow shadow imagery. I have a couple of ideas that I am working on, another in the pipeline which needs tweaking still.

Sometimes I need to let images sit for a little longer to see where I need to tweak shapes add something and see if colour schemes work. Below are some colour sketches I put together as I can see it in my head I just need to commit to paper to make sure I know what I am doing.

The night time one at the bottom intrigues me as I saw a William Hayes print this week of a nocturn and it was like I need to make one of them.  Both work still.